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About BBJ

My name is Børge Blume-Jensen, I started making pipes in the year 1996.

I live in the countryside in the south of Sealand, where I have my workshop.

In 2017 I ended my fulltime job as headmaster of the Art School in Ringsted, which gave me some more time for making pipes, so now I produce about 60 to 80 pipes a year. My pipes are all handmade, and I only use the best materials available.

You can read more about me here: https://pipedia.org/wiki/BBJ_piber, or here (in french): https://www.fumeursdepipe.net/pipiersBblume-jensen.htm

You will find pictures of pipes, tampers and cigarette holders for sale – as well as pictures of items already sold – in the galleries, where you will also find further information about the specific items.

You can see pictures from the whole process in turning the briarblock into a pibe.

If you are interested in buying an item, please read the information first.

I also renew used pipes - cleaning, mounting of new stems, polishing etc.

Contact me, if your pipe needs an overhaul.